Contingency Planning (Disasters)

contingencyBusiness Continuity Planning (BCP) with Tri Wolf Consultants helps your team devise a plan for resumption of critical business operations and function(s) when they are partially or completely interrupted as a result of a catastrophic event. Within a predetermined time after a serious disruption, organizations need a contingency plan to bring core functions back on line rapidly and migrate to a complete resumption of operations. We design contingency and business continuity plans to be a part of your larger organizational effort to reduce operational risk associated with security controls, and the practice of risk management.

resumptionA completed BCP is required by several government agencies to protect the public and is often necessary for survivability as with systems requiring recovery after the Ice Strom of 1998 in Eastern Canada and the united states, Y2K compliance at the turn of the century, the events of September 11th 2001, and was driven home by the August 2003 power failure in most of Eastern North America. Such events have changed the 'worst case scenario' paradigm for business continuity planning and made continuity and contingency planning more complex. We can help regardless of the size or complexity of your organization.

continuityFor example a BCP manual for a small organization may be simply a printed manual stored safely away from the primary work location, containing the names, addresses, and phone numbers for crisis management staff, general staff members, clients, and vendors along with the location of the offsite data backup storage media, copies of insurance contracts, and other critical materials necessary for organizational survival. At its most complex, a BCP manual may outline a secondary work site, technical requirements and readiness, regulatory reporting requirements, work recovery measures, the means to re-establish physical records, the means to establish a new supply chain, or the means to establish new production centers.

We work with you to design and implement an effective BCP that fits the needs, budget, and priorities of your organization.